Sunday, December 14, 2008


In my lonely house,
Somethings still reside.
All your letters burning,
Laying near my dead body
Which is silently living.
All your deep memories
Inside a frozen heart,
Bleeding in cold summer
All your promises,
All my dreams,
Torn by your intentions
Engraved by your lips

In the sunny summer,
With my dead muscles
Under the shadow of griefs
Laying down over sorrows
I am waiting for you sunshine
Coz you are the one
Who is still alive!!


Sunday, November 30, 2008


channel was Z-BUSINESS..........obviously news was what we have been watching for last 3-4 days.Wt was the difference?.......
1. There was a family who making a picnic near Taj Mahal hotel. As in the word of reporter...."on one side of us, commandos were fighting against terrorists and on the other side a family was standing just like its a picnic spot(a think not one family 100s of people were there near the GROUND ZERO who were there just to see a tamasha)........are we became so resilient?"
2. That was about home the word of a former senior RAW member "had they even killed a single rat in the last 4.5 yrs?"
3. This terrorism is due to our POLITICAL in the word of a senior sikh security officer........"Many terrorists are those whom we have elected"

nov. 30/8 pm show (enough is enough: ndtv24*7)
There were many filmy faces and survivors of the crisis. Some saying that still in my mind are....:
1. SIMI GREWAL was very aggressive. She was in the favor of an attack over pak.The argument was” there is no attack over USA after 9/11, why? coz those who made a mess with them got messed, this is another fact that Bush government is till date facing criticism for their manners, but no one even thought after 9/11 to attack on USA...then why can’t do it?"
2.ABHISHEK SINGHVI(congress),as show anchor barkha dutt said was the only leader who accepted to face the hostile audience sitting there.
He was condemning all things like "wt Ram Gopal Verma was doing at destroyed taj with Maharashtra chief minister........were they reached there with the purpose of terror tourism”
"why deputy CM Maharashtra was saying BADE SHEHRON MEIN AISI CHOTI BATEIN HO HI JATI HAIN"
3. At last there was a Muslim boy(i think he was from Pak)saying both nations are not in the condition to face a war".He heated the last portion of debate.
4.Ness Wadia's point:"when Pak govt. know that big terrorist faces are in Pak, why they allow them to live free and never suggested our security forces to come there and arrest all those bus*r***?"

RAW had intercepted the calls of terrorists this November and they informed the coastguards and navy that those terrorist are planning to come through sea this time.
So we can’t say it failure of intelligence, they had done their work. They informed Maharashtra govt. about probable attack over Oberoi hotel and gateway of India. Then now who is the real accused?.......I will say it “INSIDE POLITICAL TERRORISM OF INDIA”.
Meanwhile today, in all party meeting, our DEAREST PM, decided to set up some federal investigation agency and to give some extra powers to NSG.......(couldn’t we think about that all before? AND WHAT WOULD BE GOVT's TIME LIMIT FOR ACHIEVE THIS ALL?)
BJP COMMANDORS (l k adwani,rajnath singh) were not in the meeting. They were busy with their election campaigning at Rajasthan.(is campaigning hell issue than security matters of country?)
MNS chief Raj Thackeray still busy in praising the martyrdom of 'Marathi' security officers.(he seems to be more dangerous than all those outsider forces for our country.)
so brothers,just b*st these all political leaders, but we can’t stay away from our system. OUR POLITICS NEED NEW AND POWERFULLY HONEST AMPLIFICATIONS!!!

emotionally indian,
11:20pm Sunday 30 dec

Friday, November 28, 2008

MAGICAL SONG #1::GLOOMY SUNDAY: overture to death

Music is for eternity taken the same as the medicine for broken down hearts but sometimes remedy makes its contradictory effect. Reszo Seress, a young man of about 33 was trying to craft a living as a songwriter in Paris in the early 1930s.,but kept failing miserably.His girlfriend had a regular row with him over the insecurity of his go-getting life and always used to say him to join a 9 to 5 work. One day the couple parted after heated words exchanges over his utter failure as a composer.That day was happened to be a showery Sunday and at evening, Serees was playing his piano."what a gloomy Sunday", He said to himself and his hands started playing some melancholy that seemed to put in a nutshell his girl's departure and daunting weather.
"now tears are my Wine
and grief is my bread
each Sunday is gloomy
which fills me with death"
after half hour he was with his new composition-"gloomy Sunday".

Hungarian poet, László Jávor who was good pal of Seress superseded the two stanzas prepared by Seress.
After coming in public, Gloomy Sunday became a hit. So sad, so discouraging the song was that after hearing it once, Hungarians were driven to suicide and not just few, hundreds of suicides were committed as an attribute to the despondent melody. One of them was: one week later the song was released, Seress' girlfriend was found dead, in her apartment with a copy of sheet music of Gloomy Sunday. I am not going to tell u other stories and even not more about Seress who committed suicide in 1968.
BBC deemed it so depressing and killing that they banned it on air. after that Europe and USA also followed the same and till date ban is going on.

Translated lászló jávor lyrics
Hungarian tongue is notorious for its wealthy set of expressions. so I don't think translated lyrics would do the same, still these words are on the edge of negativity.

Most significant version that was used even by one of the well known USA singer Billie Holiday in 1942 in her song ‘Gloomy Sunday’, was not that original Hungarian one but one that is somewhat less glum than this and was made by Sam Lewis.(go for the song download at ( In Billie Holiday song, we listen 3 stanzas , third one was additional just to show that singer is imagining death of her lover and not her own so that effect could be made less cruel.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


At the northern part of Italy, Verona city is probably not less than a temple for the lovers of entire world. It is famous in the world by the name- LOVE CITY. The leading reason behind this is Romeo and Juliet. In the famous play Romeo and Juliet legendary William Shakespeare portrays this city. Although the Shakespeare’s story is still believed as just a flight of the imagination yet everything of this city is dedicated to Romeo and Juliet whether they are hotels, bars, perfumes or localities.
Romeo and Juliet is based on real lovers of fourteenth century who lived in Verona, Italy and died for each other.Shakespeare was not first who wrote the heartbreak story founded with Verona’s background. Shakespeare's edition is a reworked copy of the Italian Giulietta-e-Romeo(Matteo Bandello).Story of Bandello was deciphered into French. It was adapted by Italian groups, some of whom performed in London at the time Shakespeare was writing his plays.But still the story is alive with the trademark name of Shakespeare.
It was 25948 words lengthy “STAR-CROSSED” lovers’ tragedy first time presented in the Elizabethan period (16th century end) and printed first time in 1597 with a name The Most Excellent and Lamentable Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. 'A play dealing with tragic events and ending unhappily, esp. with the collapse of the protagonist' that's what I found in oxford dictionary as the meaning of tragedy.

Romeo Montague, a sober, sharp, sensitive young man of 16 who is in love with Rosaline(The woman with whom Romeo is infatuated at the beginning. Rosaline as is said by other characters of story is very beautiful and has sworn to live a life of chastity.),goes to some party in an afford to forget her where he meet Juliet, a girl in her 14th, and immediately falls in love(seems to be infatuation of a teenager) with her. Twist comes when he finds later that she is an Capulet, the rival family of Montague.yet they admit love for each other during the famous balcony scene and resolute to get wedded clandestinely and they carry out consequently. Unfortunately everything get worst when Mercutio, a near friend of Romeo get killed by Juliet's cousin,Tybalt.In a payback, Romeo kills Tybalt. For that,Romeo is exiled from Verona.At the same time, Couplets' are planning Juliet's marriage to Paris.Friar Laurence(the friend of both lovers and one who secretly marries the impassioned lovers in hopes that the union might eventually bring peace to Verona) suggests the stratagem of feigning death: Juliet is to drink a potion which will make her appear to be dead for forty hours, and meanwhile he will inform Romeo, who will retrieve her from the tomb and take her with him to Mantua, where Romeo is currently staying. Unfortunately, Romeo does not receive this message on time and upon hearing of her "death" goes to Juliet's tomb where he takes poison, gives Juliet a final kiss and dies. Seeing him dead, Juliet stabs herself through the heart with a dagger.
Most amazing fact because of which I am unfolding this city and play is that every year post office department of Verona gets more than 6000 letters addressing Juliet.Juliet is now become the MISS LONELYHEART for the all love aficionados of the world.To give entire admiration to the letters, for the last 70 years, Juliet club is working. The only work of this club is to answer the letters addressing Juliet. Juliet's secretaries answers every letter that comes for Juliet.According to some members of club, some letters they get with a simple address –’Juliet, Verona, Italy’.On valentine's day every year, they give DEAR JULIET AWARD to the best letter sent to Juliet. Also on every 16th September they celebrates birthday of most beautiful and unfortunate heroine of the literature.
Secretaries of Juliet who do the translation of answers to these letters with the help of a team says, the heart matters have not been changing since the establishment of club. Mostly letters come about how to express the emotions to him/her, how to find Romeo/Juliet. yet one thing that everyone related to this club say-people are more unaccompanied at the present than before and now a day to express feeling for a lover is a complex thing. Because of this, they find Juliet as the last hope for all their problems to conquer. The end of story was a tragedy yet lovers think that Juliet is someone who can understand their feelings and is still alive.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

quantum of solace:casino royale-2

As a movie critic, movie deserves 8 out of 10 from my side. In the whole movie  what is dominating is not only the muscular body of 007 over his consciousness but also VIRTUALLY last bond girl vesper lynd over the characters of these two new bond girls.(that’s why director put no outsize bed scenes in a 007 movie!!!) I didn’t like the commencement of the movie consisting some great  action and then an introducing song by Alicia Keys  which has not given  any impression to my mind  as compared to the title track's music of casino royale( as it is slow and for fast 007 song seekers that’s not enough.)…………..after all it’s just casino royale-2, just solving the mysteries remained undisclosed in casino royale.

There was a (super) human, having status of 007 and he felt into love with memories of his lady (vesper lynd) and so with her death (murder) mystery. He was searching for the person who took his lady to death. For that 007 goes to every level for what he is famous. During his journey he comes across a hidden organization that is wishing to have its monopoly over natural resources of some country in order to make money. After a lot of action in the air, on water,  on land and a lot of destruction all around he finally lay to rest that organization into deep crust of earth and in climax found the person behind the death of his lady.You had seen a necklace that 007 gotten from the belongings of vesper lynd after his death. That  necklace nearly is representing presence of vesper lynd in the whole movie till the last scene where 007 throws it away (means now he is out of the memories  of his lady and that’s what the big sacrifice that 007 does  for his profession.).

just go for it if you like 007 but if you are looking for some non-serious kind of stuff then never think to watch it as a gangue of about 10 friends sitting beside me felt relieved when movie ended ,i think what making them torturous about the movie was they were not concentrating over movie and just doing talking etc with each other as i do while viewing some comedy stuff.

Friday, October 17, 2008


The easiest way of eternal harmony is to remain in truth always. When you live in truth you need not to prepare any script to talk, any style to show or to rehearsal how to say something to somebody. Every person lies everyday in his own way.  A person goes college or office wearing a face. And then he makes his friends who watch that fake being and not the real one………………… We live with fake features so that truth inside can be hided. But no one can hold one state at all times. You can prepare for one week or at the most one month. How much time one pretend to be true. As is well said “reality is more out of the ordinary than the imagination”, one day the reality comes in front with its face and you would have to fix your eyes on it with astonished eyes. One day inner reality will come out. And that day you may possibly be in very difficult situation. 
Your friend says you cheated him/her and you say that he/she is cheating you. But in reality no one is the cheater. Indeed the actual entity has come out. Living with truth is the best and probably the easiest way to attain state of internal paradise.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

WEB BROWSERS:then and now

Although Berners lee in 1990 introduced WORLD WIDE WEB-an internet based hypertext system that made GOPHER etc. fade off, yet the first web browser that had gained reputation was NCSA(National center for supercomputing applications) MOSAIC introduced in 1993.
later-on developer of mosaic specially Marc Andreessen went on to developed Netscape navigator under the shed of Netscape communication corporation. company was a group of about 20 energetic young men who wanted to be included in the list of moneyed person of silicon valley.
till the end of 1995,about 90% computers were running Netscape. In 1995 Netscape's IPO made a blast in market and all of its workers became of worth millions within some months. By that time Microsoft had monopoly over computer business and Bill gates started recognizing the web potential and wanted to gain a business in this field.
Microsoft obtained the source code of mosaic from spyglass inc. and presented its own browser internet explorer 1.0 on release of MS windows 95. after some time IE 2.0 and IE 3.0 were released consecutively.
IE 2.0 and its successors were made freeware by microsoft.IE was simply had every advantage of Netscape But still Netscape was able to clinch with Microsoft. Microsoft then started its cultural old way i.e.. to purchase a company if you cant go ahead in competition and tried to buy Netscape............
“they gave us two offers", Marc Andreessen says "1.)either get something( royality etc by being a part of us) 2.)or get nothing(threat to wash them out)"
Netscape refused the offer. In 1996-97 bill gates spent a huge amount of money to ruin Netscape and the result was IE 4.0.The released party of IE 4.0 in 1997 featured a 10 foot tall logo ‘e’. MS employee were so overconfident over their new release that they drank a lot and after that made a ride for Netscape head office and put the logo in their office lawn with a sign attached "from IE team".

IE 4.0 had changed the was fast.....more reliable.....and according to W3C standards- an organization funded by many companies and specifies prototypes for web development.
so Netscape started loosing market. In 1998 project Mozilla began when Netscape made its source code as open source. Finally Netscape browser faded off when Netscape was acqired by AOL in 1999 at $4.2 billion.
But before that they alleged MS for abusing monopoly power in its handling of operating system sales and web browser sales. Microsoft stated it the result of innovation and competition that IE is bundled with windows.
those who were opposed window alleged that it would monopolized IE as Netscape or opera were needed to download from internet and slow downloading speed or purchasing from market may caused people to avoid them. During antitrust case it was revealed that Microsoft had threatened computer manufacturer with revoking their license to distribute windows if they remove the IE icon from the initial desktop.
according to people present in the district court session, Bill gates was an nonresponsive, ignorant person who used the lines like "I don't remember", "repeat the question" etc.Many of video tapes were submitted by Microsoft. One of them that was showing malfunctioning of windows on removal of IE. another tape that show how quickly American Online users could download Netscape navigator on their windows PC. Govt. produced its own tape for the same processes and when verified Microsoft's tape were found inaccurate.
In 2000,it was concluded that Microsoft had committed monopolization, attempted monopolization and violated the act and its remedy was that Microsoft must be broken into two parts one to produce the operating system and another to produce other software components. Later-on FEDERAL APPEALS COURT taken decision in 2001 that a lesser antitrust penalty would be granted.

Settlements required Microsoft to share its programming interface with third party companies and appointment of a panel of three people who will have full access to MS systems, codes etc for next 5 years to assure compliance. An antitrust law professor wrote that the settlement gave MS "a special antitrust resistance to license Windows and other software under contractual terms that destroy freedom of competition."

Internet explorer still dominates market with about 60% share. i had downloaded its latest version 8. While installation it failed to configure due to non-genuine windows.
i think it runs much better on genuine windows than other browsers.
Mozilla firefox3 is gaining market 1% share per month with a share of about 25%.
Well if you feel boring from above two then go for Google chrome(released last month) that simply uses Apple Safari webkit for displaying its page , apple safari, opera 9
. safari and chrome still fasing challenges as many bug fixation are still pending in them.
Here is a new option too that I liked a lot: flock.......developed in cooperation with Mozilla.
Netscape is now completely out after 1 March 2008 officially and his owner suggested use of either mozilla or flock.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

let be a part of my thought

its your time!!!!!!! i am inviting you to give me your favourite topic on which you would like to read a blog(i am interested to know everyone's taste)...........anything from latest gadget to old ancient time............order me and if possible, i will write my view JUST FOR YOU. :)


Friday, October 3, 2008

where are you going my infancy

Childhood is an age that comes again and again in everyone's life. As I believe it comes into existence on a large scale once when you start feeling that it is ending that is on growing adult and another at the closing chapter of life. Even a so serious teenage growing adult sometimes converts himself into a baby and do something weird. I think the mentality that works behind all this is the feeling of flood off of childhood. At that time the sadness inside about non existence of adolescent inside in the future reacts in the form of hoodwink expressions, becouse after an age you have to move strictly with time and with much pressure on shoulders. That happens to every normal teenage. They sometime start talking like infants extreemly; asking foolish question is a common thing (watch out your peers).

k.........let me yell the fact why I am writing this post in such way. Because all that is happening to me currently. Once was the age when I used to collect the garbage things to convert them in something very eye-catching objects. my imagination always worked in accordance with me. I was about 12-13.I used to take some wild plants from the river flowing near my village and then to see them growing up with small flowers...............that takes only few weeks for those plants. we used to play that"posan pa posan pa"[;)],"ladai ladai(which many time turned real)" games, n after all cricket and kabaddi too. I used to come home with my dirty school dress everyday and then directly reach to playground ( street in front of my house that was not cemented by that time). some time even mother took tea for me in street…………….. that were unforgettable moments!!. I did usually play cricket up to 6-7 at evening and then LUKKA CHIPPI, POLICE CHOR type things as electricity cut (even in present) after 6-7 pm my village many times. And yes I can’t forget that gliding of my heart for that girl of my class at sixth standard…… first love and still my mentor for life.

Ultimately now when I am on the edge of my childhood, I again started to behaving in insane way. The most what has influenced my thought is my pear group. I used to read about pear pressure many years back and made my mind to not including in any group. I was living an independent lonely life but now I know that you can’t break away from it. I think childhood games can’t be back........not that first love.....not that river (as it is now deserted ) . but I now a day trying my hard to live all that reminiscences one more time so that I would be able to keep all those memories stronger at 75 not only for my grandchildren but also to live them as much as possible again by that time to............

deeply yours,

Thursday, October 2, 2008

what really does beauty means??

To define beauty is one tedious task for all ages of human development and still it is. The worst problem is a mirror. whenever we want to see the real beauty and bliss, a mirror placed in between do try to reflect an ugly materialistic picture. Beauty always resides insides some unidentified boundaries. So it remains unseen until it comes out itself; until it doth start playing its sweet music on the strings of our hearts; until it starts guiding up in our life.

Everybody has his own way to view beauty. A working person hears it making chirping sound around him during leisure. A farmer views it in the form of his green crop turning gold after his sweat. A hilarious person sees it in a comedy show. A young person practicing towards being the common man feels it when he gets his first job. A mountain climber views it dancing on the top of Everest. So we can say that beauty is somewhat that a person feels, hear, sees or dreams about his wishes……….fulfilled or unfulfilled.

Today’s hectic lifestyle makes it possible that no youth can depart from the affection and fancies. In true words the so called social and well mannered person is one who always runs behind gathering more and more materials. The result always comes in the form of depressed existence if you don’t grab more than your friends and relatives. But the real meaning of life is to compete with you; to make yourself most beautiful and perfect in the sight of yourself and not in front of others. The real heroes like great APJ abdul kalam, Abraham linkon or gandhiji never thought to picturised themselves as a glamorous personality. They were glamorous in the sense of their thoughts and the way to live. The moral of the story is that the real deal with your time is to make your thinking more beautified rather than your face because making up a beautiful mentality takes years and making up a beautiful face and even muscles takes just some months. And yes it is not the fact that materialistic objects shows ugliness of life at last, but to utilize them in best way is possible only when our sight would be clear……………..clear from all fancies and affections so that we would be able to see beyond that mirror placed in between us and the real beauty that the almighty gifted to us.