Sunday, April 19, 2009


You are amazing on me why I have become so irregular on my blog. Well let me explain the things:

1.I have applied for Google adsence account and they have rejected my application saying it contain “unacceptable content". I clearly still not able to detect that UNACCEPTABLE CONTENT on some dimensions on my pages. So I searched a lot on internet about unacceptable contents(the word reminds me those cheap adult website which mine is not at all..;) )……Well so finally I got only on conclusion-I used some materials like images in a very improper way. I used an image which I like and just even didn’t like to mention the place from where I have copied it, taking permission is a thing of distance.

2. BSNL is going to launch its 3G service in my city. And the day I have listened about it, I start hating my gprs connection which give me poor downloading speed of maximum 10 kbps. Now clearly I cant work with this speed. Hope that 3G will launch soon(july-august may be)!!bad luck that we cant have a landline connection at my house :(.
I think I am still a child of 18. Soon you may meet me in new color. I am going to initiate new blog on which I am working hard(writing new poems and articles specially for my that new blog..cant post them here anymore but you may continue to follow this blog as I SHALL POST MY RESEARCH POST ON SOME SUBLECTS HERE TOO IN FUTURE…WAIT FOR SOME TIME!!)going to release it this 26 May on my 19th birthday(I think I’ll not be a kid any more after that!!). Hope you are going to be with me there too.
As I have discussed with you at the starting of this post, using images without any permission my become a big stone of your way of developing as a good blogger,i have decided to go for some permission from various websites to use their pictures. One interesting thing I discovered is following links which give you full authorities to use images they provided without asking to these image owners:
1. creativecommon
2. photogen
3. imagebase
4. publicdomainphotos
5. flickr
6. insectimages
7. stockxchng
8. free-photographs
9. freeimagesUK
10. freefoto
11. fontplay
12. gettyimages
13. digitaldreamer
14. orangetrash
15. freestockphotos
16. aarinfreephoto
17. freerangestock

You can search for more links on google under PUBLIC DOMAIN or COPYRIGHT FREE IMAGES section.
More such site and information can be gathered from:

P.S.---but what about pics of favorite artists?????...lemme know more if u have sm info.

Saturday, April 4, 2009


My dear friend Ekam( ) has tagged me and she asked me to give answers just through some here i go:

The age you will be on your next birthday:

A place you would like to travel to :

Your dream job :

AND AFTER 40.....
Just daydreaming about being next 007!!!..ha ha.

Your favorite color combination :

Your favorite place:
Our countryside fields
Your favorite drink :
i can drink about 1.5 litres of milk at one time.

Your favorite food :

The town in which you live :
Jagadhri, Haryana,India,earth...;)

Your favorite piece of clothing :
007 0utfit including expensive wrist watch and lots of gadgets....

Your all time favorite song :
Sorry for disappointing you...are you thinking some love song then i must mention "sealed with a kiss-Bobby Vinton " too.

First thing you would like to do before you die:
To get my Vesper Lynd!!!!!

your favorite tv seriel:

Your favorite movie:

So thats it! now i am tagging...........ummmmm.....ok...everyone who has been reading this post!!!!! ;)