Thursday, October 9, 2008

WEB BROWSERS:then and now

Although Berners lee in 1990 introduced WORLD WIDE WEB-an internet based hypertext system that made GOPHER etc. fade off, yet the first web browser that had gained reputation was NCSA(National center for supercomputing applications) MOSAIC introduced in 1993.
later-on developer of mosaic specially Marc Andreessen went on to developed Netscape navigator under the shed of Netscape communication corporation. company was a group of about 20 energetic young men who wanted to be included in the list of moneyed person of silicon valley.
till the end of 1995,about 90% computers were running Netscape. In 1995 Netscape's IPO made a blast in market and all of its workers became of worth millions within some months. By that time Microsoft had monopoly over computer business and Bill gates started recognizing the web potential and wanted to gain a business in this field.
Microsoft obtained the source code of mosaic from spyglass inc. and presented its own browser internet explorer 1.0 on release of MS windows 95. after some time IE 2.0 and IE 3.0 were released consecutively.
IE 2.0 and its successors were made freeware by microsoft.IE was simply had every advantage of Netscape But still Netscape was able to clinch with Microsoft. Microsoft then started its cultural old way i.e.. to purchase a company if you cant go ahead in competition and tried to buy Netscape............
“they gave us two offers", Marc Andreessen says "1.)either get something( royality etc by being a part of us) 2.)or get nothing(threat to wash them out)"
Netscape refused the offer. In 1996-97 bill gates spent a huge amount of money to ruin Netscape and the result was IE 4.0.The released party of IE 4.0 in 1997 featured a 10 foot tall logo ‘e’. MS employee were so overconfident over their new release that they drank a lot and after that made a ride for Netscape head office and put the logo in their office lawn with a sign attached "from IE team".

IE 4.0 had changed the was fast.....more reliable.....and according to W3C standards- an organization funded by many companies and specifies prototypes for web development.
so Netscape started loosing market. In 1998 project Mozilla began when Netscape made its source code as open source. Finally Netscape browser faded off when Netscape was acqired by AOL in 1999 at $4.2 billion.
But before that they alleged MS for abusing monopoly power in its handling of operating system sales and web browser sales. Microsoft stated it the result of innovation and competition that IE is bundled with windows.
those who were opposed window alleged that it would monopolized IE as Netscape or opera were needed to download from internet and slow downloading speed or purchasing from market may caused people to avoid them. During antitrust case it was revealed that Microsoft had threatened computer manufacturer with revoking their license to distribute windows if they remove the IE icon from the initial desktop.
according to people present in the district court session, Bill gates was an nonresponsive, ignorant person who used the lines like "I don't remember", "repeat the question" etc.Many of video tapes were submitted by Microsoft. One of them that was showing malfunctioning of windows on removal of IE. another tape that show how quickly American Online users could download Netscape navigator on their windows PC. Govt. produced its own tape for the same processes and when verified Microsoft's tape were found inaccurate.
In 2000,it was concluded that Microsoft had committed monopolization, attempted monopolization and violated the act and its remedy was that Microsoft must be broken into two parts one to produce the operating system and another to produce other software components. Later-on FEDERAL APPEALS COURT taken decision in 2001 that a lesser antitrust penalty would be granted.

Settlements required Microsoft to share its programming interface with third party companies and appointment of a panel of three people who will have full access to MS systems, codes etc for next 5 years to assure compliance. An antitrust law professor wrote that the settlement gave MS "a special antitrust resistance to license Windows and other software under contractual terms that destroy freedom of competition."

Internet explorer still dominates market with about 60% share. i had downloaded its latest version 8. While installation it failed to configure due to non-genuine windows.
i think it runs much better on genuine windows than other browsers.
Mozilla firefox3 is gaining market 1% share per month with a share of about 25%.
Well if you feel boring from above two then go for Google chrome(released last month) that simply uses Apple Safari webkit for displaying its page , apple safari, opera 9
. safari and chrome still fasing challenges as many bug fixation are still pending in them.
Here is a new option too that I liked a lot: flock.......developed in cooperation with Mozilla.
Netscape is now completely out after 1 March 2008 officially and his owner suggested use of either mozilla or flock.


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