Thursday, October 2, 2008

what really does beauty means??

To define beauty is one tedious task for all ages of human development and still it is. The worst problem is a mirror. whenever we want to see the real beauty and bliss, a mirror placed in between do try to reflect an ugly materialistic picture. Beauty always resides insides some unidentified boundaries. So it remains unseen until it comes out itself; until it doth start playing its sweet music on the strings of our hearts; until it starts guiding up in our life.

Everybody has his own way to view beauty. A working person hears it making chirping sound around him during leisure. A farmer views it in the form of his green crop turning gold after his sweat. A hilarious person sees it in a comedy show. A young person practicing towards being the common man feels it when he gets his first job. A mountain climber views it dancing on the top of Everest. So we can say that beauty is somewhat that a person feels, hear, sees or dreams about his wishes……….fulfilled or unfulfilled.

Today’s hectic lifestyle makes it possible that no youth can depart from the affection and fancies. In true words the so called social and well mannered person is one who always runs behind gathering more and more materials. The result always comes in the form of depressed existence if you don’t grab more than your friends and relatives. But the real meaning of life is to compete with you; to make yourself most beautiful and perfect in the sight of yourself and not in front of others. The real heroes like great APJ abdul kalam, Abraham linkon or gandhiji never thought to picturised themselves as a glamorous personality. They were glamorous in the sense of their thoughts and the way to live. The moral of the story is that the real deal with your time is to make your thinking more beautified rather than your face because making up a beautiful mentality takes years and making up a beautiful face and even muscles takes just some months. And yes it is not the fact that materialistic objects shows ugliness of life at last, but to utilize them in best way is possible only when our sight would be clear……………..clear from all fancies and affections so that we would be able to see beyond that mirror placed in between us and the real beauty that the almighty gifted to us.


PULKIT said...

hey bro!
first of all answer this question?
where is your previous post gone? the one on depression... u deleted it? ahem ahem... never do ti again yaar! u learn how much u have grown by observing ur previous work dear!
the satch like which made an impact on me from this post was "making up a beautiful mentality takes years and making up a beautiful face and even muscles takes just some months"
i sincerely admire ur way of thinking its beautiful indeed if u follow this. well to write about beauty in any space, in million chracters can also be short and it depends on how expressive one is in thought and its exteremy personel too,
well for me beauty is love!
beautiful is my mom!
and to see beauty i never forget the fact "it lies in the eye of the beholder"
never lose any opportunity to appreciate beauty in anything or anyone

nikit said...

hey bro ....u kno wat ..d most atractiv thing in dis writ up iz d way u hav expressd d emotns ,d feelings of diff prsons havin diff prespectivs ....
i truly admir wat all u hav writtn ...d way it has enn projectd iz out of d world ...n ma samml feedbak iz jst a singl word in frnt of ur wrk ..
great work buddy...rememba dat dis frn of urz wil alwaz b der ...
god bless..