Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Our neck or cervical spine is made up of 7 small vertebrae, separated by disks which help in shock resistance. 8 nerve roots,ligament,32 muscles and vertebrae give stability to spinal part and neck. Neck has to support head and it is less protected as weighed against other spinal part.Vertebrae are very thin at neck than anywhere on spine. Due to which usually disorders may produce giving pain  and restricted motion in neck.

In most cases soft tissue abnormalities due to wear and tear or injury causes disk degeneration.Only in odd cases, tumor or infection become the base Usually as we grow up older, disks get harden and as a result neck becomes less flexible.But in some cases due to immense wears and tears, it comes up in younger ages also.
Neck pain may be short-term disorder for some people whereas others need special treatments.

1. Activities like games, weighty lifting that intensify neck pain should be evaded.
2. If problem is in very initial state and you want to avoid doctor for next 2 or 3 days then apply some ice foundation wrapped in a towel on neck for 20 minutes. It will decrease inflammation and pain. Now apply some heat to the affected spot of neck.
3.Do some simple stretching exercises to carry on flexibilities of neck and stiffness decline. A few are:
i.)Move your head to the right, apply some stress on your chin with help of right hand so that head turns slightly more, hold on this position for 20 seconds. Do the same for left side.
ii.)Try to touch your shoulder with ear by sloping head to the left side. Do the same for right side.
iii.)Try to touch your chest with chin by bending head in frontward direction.
4. Be aware about your posture while sitting , standing or resting.
5. Keep your back straight and keep your computer to the eye level.
6. Always use a support for back.
7. acetaminophen, ibuprofen may assist for undersized time but consult your doctor or physician as earliest as possible.

If feeling any weakness, pain persists for more than a couple of weeks or pain is radiating in further parts(shoulders, arms etc) near neck then talk to your doctor immediately.  Diagnostic tests such as X-ray, MRI or CT scan may involve in determining whether it is a trouble related to cervical disk or not. Typically in physiotherapy, neck traction method is used for treatment in which head is pulled away from body in order to reduce pressure on the affected disk and nerve. Also doctor prescribes several pain killers for short period. Neck pillows or cervical pillows are designed for the relaxed sleep. There is not much study over their efficacy yet call your physician for guidance.Generally complete recovery from neck pain takes about 3 months to 1 year of time depending upon the case.

*This post is just for the purpose of general awareness. Don't forget to consult a good medical practitioner.

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Monday, January 19, 2009


The child with Monalisa smile,
Always chirping, always shines.
With those big gigantic eyes,
Yes why not? frank innocent eyes.
Always singing in her zeal,
Always bopping her delicate beat.

The child with Monalisa smile,
Is spanking delight like Holy Sun.
With pimples in her expression,
Is spirit blusher, in her obsessions.
Thousand natures of compassion.
How can I tell her gratifications?

Monalisa,you! Perfect elucidation of life,
Making us in spirit, making us to smile.
Mirthful, yes jovial! always around you,
Maintains every thing blissful all through.

My this poem is dedicated to my classmate, my friend and my life teacher Himani (MONALISA as I address her) who is celebrating her birthday today.She always loves to behave like a small child and possesses 
a very mysterious smile....hence the basis of this poem.....
20 JAN 2009.

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Friday, January 9, 2009

MAGICAL SONG #2: rajnigandha phool tumhare

The song I m talking about here is title track from the movie Rajnigandha. Under the direction of Basu Chatterjee , movie was released in 1974 and is a very first-class prologue to the ‘new story’ cinema that was popular in 70s. Movie got film fare award in 1975.Music of movie, directed by Salil Chaudhary, is considered to be exceptionally influencing. Not only the title song but in addition a further song "kai baar yun hi Dekha hai" is fantastic. Outstanding Hindi singer Mukesh got the national film award for that.

Talking about the present song, it seems to be somewhat unusual that you hear a song beginning with a proper name. Also attachment of happy occasion with Rajnigandha flower makes it remarkabely odd song. Rajnigandha or 'raat ki raani'(queen of night), a prominent flower of Indian mythology and culture is native to Mexico. In English it is tuberose flower, the oil of which is used for perfume making. we have it in our house and at night, its smell can be felt from a long distance too.
Great indian singer Lata Mangeshkar sang the lyrics of Yogesh under the music direction of Salil Chowdhury.Check out the smooth flow of lyrics below and tell me your view.

"now tears are my Wine
and grief is my bread
each Sunday is gloomy
which fills me with death..................CONTINUE READING