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At the northern part of Italy, Verona city is probably not less than a temple for the lovers of entire world. It is famous in the world by the name- LOVE CITY. The leading reason behind this is Romeo and Juliet. In the famous play Romeo and Juliet legendary William Shakespeare portrays this city. Although the Shakespeare’s story is still believed as just a flight of the imagination yet everything of this city is dedicated to Romeo and Juliet whether they are hotels, bars, perfumes or localities.
Romeo and Juliet is based on real lovers of fourteenth century who lived in Verona, Italy and died for each other.Shakespeare was not first who wrote the heartbreak story founded with Verona’s background. Shakespeare's edition is a reworked copy of the Italian Giulietta-e-Romeo(Matteo Bandello).Story of Bandello was deciphered into French. It was adapted by Italian groups, some of whom performed in London at the time Shakespeare was writing his plays.But still the story is alive with the trademark name of Shakespeare.
It was 25948 words lengthy “STAR-CROSSED” lovers’ tragedy first time presented in the Elizabethan period (16th century end) and printed first time in 1597 with a name The Most Excellent and Lamentable Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. 'A play dealing with tragic events and ending unhappily, esp. with the collapse of the protagonist' that's what I found in oxford dictionary as the meaning of tragedy.

Romeo Montague, a sober, sharp, sensitive young man of 16 who is in love with Rosaline(The woman with whom Romeo is infatuated at the beginning. Rosaline as is said by other characters of story is very beautiful and has sworn to live a life of chastity.),goes to some party in an afford to forget her where he meet Juliet, a girl in her 14th, and immediately falls in love(seems to be infatuation of a teenager) with her. Twist comes when he finds later that she is an Capulet, the rival family of Montague.yet they admit love for each other during the famous balcony scene and resolute to get wedded clandestinely and they carry out consequently. Unfortunately everything get worst when Mercutio, a near friend of Romeo get killed by Juliet's cousin,Tybalt.In a payback, Romeo kills Tybalt. For that,Romeo is exiled from Verona.At the same time, Couplets' are planning Juliet's marriage to Paris.Friar Laurence(the friend of both lovers and one who secretly marries the impassioned lovers in hopes that the union might eventually bring peace to Verona) suggests the stratagem of feigning death: Juliet is to drink a potion which will make her appear to be dead for forty hours, and meanwhile he will inform Romeo, who will retrieve her from the tomb and take her with him to Mantua, where Romeo is currently staying. Unfortunately, Romeo does not receive this message on time and upon hearing of her "death" goes to Juliet's tomb where he takes poison, gives Juliet a final kiss and dies. Seeing him dead, Juliet stabs herself through the heart with a dagger.
Most amazing fact because of which I am unfolding this city and play is that every year post office department of Verona gets more than 6000 letters addressing Juliet.Juliet is now become the MISS LONELYHEART for the all love aficionados of the world.To give entire admiration to the letters, for the last 70 years, Juliet club is working. The only work of this club is to answer the letters addressing Juliet. Juliet's secretaries answers every letter that comes for Juliet.According to some members of club, some letters they get with a simple address –’Juliet, Verona, Italy’.On valentine's day every year, they give DEAR JULIET AWARD to the best letter sent to Juliet. Also on every 16th September they celebrates birthday of most beautiful and unfortunate heroine of the literature.
Secretaries of Juliet who do the translation of answers to these letters with the help of a team says, the heart matters have not been changing since the establishment of club. Mostly letters come about how to express the emotions to him/her, how to find Romeo/Juliet. yet one thing that everyone related to this club say-people are more unaccompanied at the present than before and now a day to express feeling for a lover is a complex thing. Because of this, they find Juliet as the last hope for all their problems to conquer. The end of story was a tragedy yet lovers think that Juliet is someone who can understand their feelings and is still alive.


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good article dear....strange are the ways of life.

ps pls do give me the addr of Juliet where so many ppl write in :) would love to write in to her

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a great refreshing post dear param, i am glad to see the reserch work done behind the article, the language post the story of play has a gerat personel intrestingly shaped touch of a narration! i enjoyed reading it and read it wholly till the very end! i dint have a hint of whatever was being described in this post! and i call myself a shakespere lover...lolz!
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6000 letters to Juliet? wow. how about romeo?

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(thou' there is a house which is said 2 b belongong to romeo @verona.)