Saturday, November 8, 2008

quantum of solace:casino royale-2

As a movie critic, movie deserves 8 out of 10 from my side. In the whole movie  what is dominating is not only the muscular body of 007 over his consciousness but also VIRTUALLY last bond girl vesper lynd over the characters of these two new bond girls.(that’s why director put no outsize bed scenes in a 007 movie!!!) I didn’t like the commencement of the movie consisting some great  action and then an introducing song by Alicia Keys  which has not given  any impression to my mind  as compared to the title track's music of casino royale( as it is slow and for fast 007 song seekers that’s not enough.)…………..after all it’s just casino royale-2, just solving the mysteries remained undisclosed in casino royale.

There was a (super) human, having status of 007 and he felt into love with memories of his lady (vesper lynd) and so with her death (murder) mystery. He was searching for the person who took his lady to death. For that 007 goes to every level for what he is famous. During his journey he comes across a hidden organization that is wishing to have its monopoly over natural resources of some country in order to make money. After a lot of action in the air, on water,  on land and a lot of destruction all around he finally lay to rest that organization into deep crust of earth and in climax found the person behind the death of his lady.You had seen a necklace that 007 gotten from the belongings of vesper lynd after his death. That  necklace nearly is representing presence of vesper lynd in the whole movie till the last scene where 007 throws it away (means now he is out of the memories  of his lady and that’s what the big sacrifice that 007 does  for his profession.).

just go for it if you like 007 but if you are looking for some non-serious kind of stuff then never think to watch it as a gangue of about 10 friends sitting beside me felt relieved when movie ended ,i think what making them torturous about the movie was they were not concentrating over movie and just doing talking etc with each other as i do while viewing some comedy stuff.

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Kiran Sawhney said...

i liked the movie. In fact I like all Bond movies. I also wrote a review on my blog.