Friday, November 28, 2008

MAGICAL SONG #1::GLOOMY SUNDAY: overture to death

Music is for eternity taken the same as the medicine for broken down hearts but sometimes remedy makes its contradictory effect. Reszo Seress, a young man of about 33 was trying to craft a living as a songwriter in Paris in the early 1930s.,but kept failing miserably.His girlfriend had a regular row with him over the insecurity of his go-getting life and always used to say him to join a 9 to 5 work. One day the couple parted after heated words exchanges over his utter failure as a composer.That day was happened to be a showery Sunday and at evening, Serees was playing his piano."what a gloomy Sunday", He said to himself and his hands started playing some melancholy that seemed to put in a nutshell his girl's departure and daunting weather.
"now tears are my Wine
and grief is my bread
each Sunday is gloomy
which fills me with death"
after half hour he was with his new composition-"gloomy Sunday".

Hungarian poet, László Jávor who was good pal of Seress superseded the two stanzas prepared by Seress.
After coming in public, Gloomy Sunday became a hit. So sad, so discouraging the song was that after hearing it once, Hungarians were driven to suicide and not just few, hundreds of suicides were committed as an attribute to the despondent melody. One of them was: one week later the song was released, Seress' girlfriend was found dead, in her apartment with a copy of sheet music of Gloomy Sunday. I am not going to tell u other stories and even not more about Seress who committed suicide in 1968.
BBC deemed it so depressing and killing that they banned it on air. after that Europe and USA also followed the same and till date ban is going on.

Translated lászló jávor lyrics
Hungarian tongue is notorious for its wealthy set of expressions. so I don't think translated lyrics would do the same, still these words are on the edge of negativity.

Most significant version that was used even by one of the well known USA singer Billie Holiday in 1942 in her song ‘Gloomy Sunday’, was not that original Hungarian one but one that is somewhat less glum than this and was made by Sam Lewis.(go for the song download at ( In Billie Holiday song, we listen 3 stanzas , third one was additional just to show that singer is imagining death of her lover and not her own so that effect could be made less cruel.


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