Sunday, November 30, 2008


channel was Z-BUSINESS..........obviously news was what we have been watching for last 3-4 days.Wt was the difference?.......
1. There was a family who making a picnic near Taj Mahal hotel. As in the word of reporter...."on one side of us, commandos were fighting against terrorists and on the other side a family was standing just like its a picnic spot(a think not one family 100s of people were there near the GROUND ZERO who were there just to see a tamasha)........are we became so resilient?"
2. That was about home the word of a former senior RAW member "had they even killed a single rat in the last 4.5 yrs?"
3. This terrorism is due to our POLITICAL in the word of a senior sikh security officer........"Many terrorists are those whom we have elected"

nov. 30/8 pm show (enough is enough: ndtv24*7)
There were many filmy faces and survivors of the crisis. Some saying that still in my mind are....:
1. SIMI GREWAL was very aggressive. She was in the favor of an attack over pak.The argument was” there is no attack over USA after 9/11, why? coz those who made a mess with them got messed, this is another fact that Bush government is till date facing criticism for their manners, but no one even thought after 9/11 to attack on USA...then why can’t do it?"
2.ABHISHEK SINGHVI(congress),as show anchor barkha dutt said was the only leader who accepted to face the hostile audience sitting there.
He was condemning all things like "wt Ram Gopal Verma was doing at destroyed taj with Maharashtra chief minister........were they reached there with the purpose of terror tourism”
"why deputy CM Maharashtra was saying BADE SHEHRON MEIN AISI CHOTI BATEIN HO HI JATI HAIN"
3. At last there was a Muslim boy(i think he was from Pak)saying both nations are not in the condition to face a war".He heated the last portion of debate.
4.Ness Wadia's point:"when Pak govt. know that big terrorist faces are in Pak, why they allow them to live free and never suggested our security forces to come there and arrest all those bus*r***?"

RAW had intercepted the calls of terrorists this November and they informed the coastguards and navy that those terrorist are planning to come through sea this time.
So we can’t say it failure of intelligence, they had done their work. They informed Maharashtra govt. about probable attack over Oberoi hotel and gateway of India. Then now who is the real accused?.......I will say it “INSIDE POLITICAL TERRORISM OF INDIA”.
Meanwhile today, in all party meeting, our DEAREST PM, decided to set up some federal investigation agency and to give some extra powers to NSG.......(couldn’t we think about that all before? AND WHAT WOULD BE GOVT's TIME LIMIT FOR ACHIEVE THIS ALL?)
BJP COMMANDORS (l k adwani,rajnath singh) were not in the meeting. They were busy with their election campaigning at Rajasthan.(is campaigning hell issue than security matters of country?)
MNS chief Raj Thackeray still busy in praising the martyrdom of 'Marathi' security officers.(he seems to be more dangerous than all those outsider forces for our country.)
so brothers,just b*st these all political leaders, but we can’t stay away from our system. OUR POLITICS NEED NEW AND POWERFULLY HONEST AMPLIFICATIONS!!!

emotionally indian,
11:20pm Sunday 30 dec


paramveersaini said...

well guys!! i dont know y i m writing this post............without editing it in ms office and anything.......just typed and posted!!!!!sory if u havnt gotten pleasant experience after reading this all stuff ;(

Paul said...

HiParam, Your postings are nice. I am planning to begin a blog after getting inspiration from young enthusiastic people like You. Regards, Paul PS, Cochin.

Femin Susan said...

I will say it “INSIDE POLITICAL TERRORISM OF INDIA”. Absolutely fantastic post! Good job!
Great! Keep writing…….
Good week………

Wishing you in advance "A Merry X'Mas and A Happy New Year''

Glennis said...

It is a sad topic well written up.
I hope the problems have been resoved by now.
Greetings and merry Christmas to you from New Zealand.

paramveer said...

@paul thx.....i'll wait 4 ur posts
@susan and glennis
that is nt my intention to create misunderstanding abt INDIA as most of the nations suffer POLITACAL TERRORISM not only that on MINE. whole world must be united against all this

its a very busy time for me as examinations are on the head so i'll write regularly after mid of Jan


PULKIT said...

well even at old age when i will turn 85 and forget everything from weak memory, then too i wont be able to forget the horrifying memories of that day! my country was hit! my pride was shattered! bloody senseless youth with diverted and lost approach danced for 60 hours in my core patriotic heart!
me, a 19year old,strong mindset boy cried! yes i cried! not just because of what exactly happened, but because of what kept on happening!
the day is gone! forgotten in real sense!
i can still hear voices that shouts "lets have a war", my question is "with whom?", "why" and "till when", arent we back stabbed by our own hands! who is to blame for crippling political leaders? i am down with shame, as to how irresponsible my country can be! i salute "not to hemant karkare, not to ACP kamte, not to salaskar" but to "major sandeep unnikrishnan"... controversial line this one has turned out to be! but this has a strong reason behind it!
long live peace! may god bless the minds of people who claim themselves as martyrs of god, when they should know! peace and love is god!re