Friday, October 17, 2008


The easiest way of eternal harmony is to remain in truth always. When you live in truth you need not to prepare any script to talk, any style to show or to rehearsal how to say something to somebody. Every person lies everyday in his own way.  A person goes college or office wearing a face. And then he makes his friends who watch that fake being and not the real one………………… We live with fake features so that truth inside can be hided. But no one can hold one state at all times. You can prepare for one week or at the most one month. How much time one pretend to be true. As is well said “reality is more out of the ordinary than the imagination”, one day the reality comes in front with its face and you would have to fix your eyes on it with astonished eyes. One day inner reality will come out. And that day you may possibly be in very difficult situation. 
Your friend says you cheated him/her and you say that he/she is cheating you. But in reality no one is the cheater. Indeed the actual entity has come out. Living with truth is the best and probably the easiest way to attain state of internal paradise.


PULKIT said...

i totally agree with param on this note!
i could not have been in his shoes more, thats litrally my philosphy of life!
i hate fakeness and the more honest you are the more you are close to the almighty! thats my mantra for living!
i am glad that i read this and i am thankful to people like param who promote this in his blog!
take care god bless!
keep writing!

tanya said...

agree wid u Param..i hope atleast d peopl who read dis blog realse its truth..b urself guys..cos u r unique..dnt try to b lyk sme1 else..cos u can perfrm ur role d best..

paramveersaini said...

@TANYA a heavy thx for sparing time here.........

i know everyone would b agree with my thinking abt this dimension of life.............yet to be urself is such a difficult thing that nyone would finally deviate from the way to wellbeing........ still some ppl survive n wt other leave is to appreciate those heroes.

Femin Susan said...

I agree with u. Good writing.....Take care..Keep writing....