Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Every night I remain lonely, thou,
Every night these distances collide.
Every night I feel the new bond.
Every night we hang on phone line.
Every night I propose you.
Every night you agree to.
Every night I feel your aroma.
Every night I feel new breath.
Every night I get under your arms.
Every night I finger your hairs.
Every night nose touches your dimple.
Every night I feel your lips.
Every night I kiss your eyes.
Every night I sense your heartbeats.
Every night I bestow you my worship.
Every night I give you my life.
Every night we get hands in hands.
Every night we spend together.
Every night we fall in fresh devotion.
Every night I feel same wind of love.
Every night I feel you crawling.
Every night your grace becomes my bed.
Every night I do not “dead to the world”.
Every night I coz, become “daydreamer”.


paramveer said...

it happens for not many time that i write sthing within small takes me 2-3 days smtimes to make a simple poem. yet this time this verse was made last midnight just within 30 minute's thinking process.
wish u will like it.

distinctly yours,

jitendersaini said...

Nice Poem Jony... really quick thinking ... carry on..

Anurag said...

nice fantasy bro.. "daydreaming" at night seems a good idea :)

Brian said...

The poem is well done. Very interesting stuff. Keep up the good work.

paramveer said...

@jitender thx for giving sm time here frm ur busy schedule...wish to get ur shadow here again...i really need it...LOL

paramveer said...

@ it really gr8!?!?!...thx bro for saying so.

paramveer said...

@ brian..thx sir for ur appreciation and sparing time here...wish 2 c u again.

Landscapeideas Team said...

very thoughtful...
keep up

paramveer said...

thx visit again

PULKIT said...

hey param, good one again, not as complicated as ur other posts of poetic ascent but this one was a decent one too!
The pic's resulution can be changed brother! seems the pixels are getting split so update it to a shorter size version! regards
god bless


Anonymous said...

nice picture.

paramveer said...

i ws also thinking the same about pic........but then i thought y nt use sm unclear pic as we all see in dreams..........
if my logic is wrong then plz tell me

thx for criticism...i lv this
plz say something against my work.i'l love to read -ve pts more than +ve 1s.


Kiran Bhairannavar said...

WE Day Dream and these keep us going with a controlled passion unlike the night ones which at times topple us from bed.

Nice poem...well written and an interesting read.

paramveer said...

@kiran u r right bro with 50% exceptions......:)
thx for taking some stopover here.
hope to c u again :)

Anonymous said...

lovely lines there :)