Saturday, April 4, 2009


My dear friend Ekam( ) has tagged me and she asked me to give answers just through some here i go:

The age you will be on your next birthday:

A place you would like to travel to :

Your dream job :

AND AFTER 40.....
Just daydreaming about being next 007!!!..ha ha.

Your favorite color combination :

Your favorite place:
Our countryside fields
Your favorite drink :
i can drink about 1.5 litres of milk at one time.

Your favorite food :

The town in which you live :
Jagadhri, Haryana,India,earth...;)

Your favorite piece of clothing :
007 0utfit including expensive wrist watch and lots of gadgets....

Your all time favorite song :
Sorry for disappointing you...are you thinking some love song then i must mention "sealed with a kiss-Bobby Vinton " too.

First thing you would like to do before you die:
To get my Vesper Lynd!!!!!

your favorite tv seriel:

Your favorite movie:

So thats it! now i am tagging...........ummmmm.....ok...everyone who has been reading this post!!!!! ;)


paramveer said...

hello everybuddy!!!
this time i am trying to write something very informal post....topic is also so informal.

hope u'l like it.let me know whther u like this type of informal posts full of gramatical mistakes or u like some very disciplined posts.surely ur suggestions help me 2 improve more.


paramveer said...

@pulkit,shalki,adi,himani monalisa,hannah grace

i am tagging u all spcially....:)

@others u 2...;)

Femin Susan said...

These are so cute and clever!

Ekam said...

Yummy Pizza... Hehe :D

PULKIT said...

:) nice personal post! just messed up with exams lately.. and already have a very hard worked couple of posts in the bucket for 19goes20 so will try to reply to ur tag on analytically yours pulkit" webpage..
thanks for tagging me too dear!
tc god bless!


Hannah Grace said...

What a fun idea..I must say that picture of the pizza looked amazing! my tummy is starting to

PULKIT said...

aage bhi blogging continue karni hai ki nahi?????

come back fast!

paramveer said...

@HANNAH GRACE....tagged u!!!

@pulkit read my latest post!!!